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Regenepure DR Hair Loss Shampoo Review

Salonceuticals manufacturer leading Regenepure hair products for men and women. Based in United States of America, they are the manufacturer of some of the most widely used hair loss and hair growth products.

Today we will review one of their flagship product, Regenepure DR Shampoo. Marketed and promoted as a shampoo for hair loss in both men and women and can be bought directly from as well as Amazon stores worldwide.

What is Regenepure DR?

Doctor Recommended shampoo as the name implies, is recommended by medical specialists both in the setting of hair loss as well as post hair transplant. Active ingredients help with scalp flaking, irritation as well as with oily conditions of the hair and scalp. It is packed with hair and scalp ingredients such as saw palmetto, Ketoconazole, Emu oil, Caffeine, Niacin, Aloe, Zinc and Jojoba oil to name few. The main edge this hair loss shampoo have over other competitors is that it is free of any harmful chemicals such as SLS and parabens.

Who can use it?

As per the manufacturer, Regenepure DR is suitable for both men and women and for all hair types. One thing worth noting is that, if you have dry scalp and hair they recommend usage of either their Nourishing shampoo+conditioner or their Biotin conditioner. This is because of keto in DR which has a drying effect on scalp and hair.

How soon to see results?

Two to three months to see any viable difference in hair loss and hair growth. This is the case with most hair loss products out there.

Will one loose hair if stops DR?

No. As none of the ingredients in Regenepure DR works like Minoxidil. The only way one will again loose hair is if the underlying condition is active.

Where can I buy Regenepure DR?

They sell online through and chances are it is also present in your country Amazon store or in Famous physical store around you.

Do they offer affiliate?

No, at least not from their website. They have a presence on ShareASale and also offer wholesale distribution options. But their selection criteria is strict as they care about their branding and products exposure.

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