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How important are hair? To many who have them might not appreciate much but ask those who had them and they will tell you the desire to get them back. Healthy hair and head full of them adds confidence, sense of health, self confidence and more so the good times. I have tried to create a small sort of summary, not going in details but rather key points on each hair and hair growth related topics. Aim is to give you the summary of each and encourage you to explore more per your liking. So here we go

Hairs overview:

What is it: In men grows all over and are a sense of pride not so in women when we talk about all over. Science, protein filament, which grows from follicles found in dermis.

Hair Growth: As per WebMD at any time almost 90% of hair on ones scalp are growing. Each hair follicle goes through a life cycle comprising of three stages namely Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. Hair grows about an inch each month and this too depends on the age

Normal Hair Fall:¬†Everyone loses hair everyday and upto 100 a day is considered normal. Please do not start counting ūüôā

Men Hair loss starts without a disease:  Per Huffingtonpost, hair loss a symptom of aging and that is mostly genetic.  According to American Hair Loss Association men by age 35 experience some degree of hair loss and by 50 almost 85% have significant hair thinning.

Most common Cause in Men: Again as per American Hair Loss Association, male pattern Baldness accounts for the most common cause of hair loss or baldness.

Hair Loss evaluation:

Men: Medical evaluation, age and underlying systemic diseases and many more factors play a role in progression and hence evaluation.  In most cases visual scalp evaluation, pattern of loss helps predominantly to diagnose and guide in terms of treatment plans. Tests also play role when the clues are towards the systemic factors.

Female: Not as common as in men. Early onset is predominantly because of a systemic factor rather at hair or scalp level. Most common culprit are hormone imbalances and hence tests are of great value guided by detailed medical examination and history.

Enough covered about hair and the dry stuff, let’s move on to next, the ways one can get them growing and help stop or slow the progression of hair loss.

Hair Oils:

Castor hair oil, olive oil, sesame oil, argan oil, jojoba and coconut oil all have shown to be of help with healthy hair growth promotion but without any scientific proof or research backing. Their use have resulted in hair thickening, decrease in hair fall and decrease in dandruff, which does have a role in hair loss. Some of them have vitamins such as Vitamin E,  anti infectious properties along with anti-dht properties, which explains their role in combating hair loss and positive hair growth.

Vitamins for Hair Growth:

It is reported and many have scientific backing that Biotin, Vitamin C, B,Niacin all play a positive role in hair growth and their deficiency results in hair loss. Recent studies have also shown lack of Vitamin D or the sun vitamin can be a contributing factor in hair loss. Health experts agree that foods rich in vitamins and healthy eating habits benefit good healthy hair along with general well being. Vitamins along with iron, zinc results in stopping hair loss and hair regrowth.

Tips for Growing Hair Faster from the Internet:

  • Eat Healthy Diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals
  • Use Hair Oils
  • Massage Scalp
  • Flip hair upside down
  • Stress free lifestyle to the maximum
  • Do not pollute your hair with unnecessary chemicals and colors
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure
  • Listen to your grandma for tips
  • Always seek medical advise before putting an unkown on your hair or scalp

I hope this was helpful and again the above or anything on the internet should not be taken as an alternate to expert medical advise and I encourage you to do your research and not take my word as a solution. I would appreciate your comments and suggestions and would be more then happy to answer any questions you might have.

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