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Growing Beard with Minoxidil: Common questions

As long as the solution is 5% minoxidil, it will do the job

The questions and answers are pertaining to Minoxidil for beard growth. As long as the solution is 5% minoxidil, it will do the job

We couldn’t have a real guide without having the most frequently asked questions about growing a beard using minoxidil! Some of these questions will have been covered in the article above, but this may be easier to reference back to in the future.

  • How many times per day should I apply minoxidil and how often?
    We generally recommend no more than 2ml per day, but consider using less for the first week or two, such as 1ml per day. Each application of minoxidil should be 1ml or less, with the second application being at least 8-12 hours from the first.
  • Will the beard fall out if I stop using minoxidil?
    Nope! So long as you use it long enough that the hair goes terminal (mature), it will stick around. People that have stopped using minoxidil have mentioned minor shedding, but with growth even stronger after letting time do its thing.
  • Where should I apply minoxidil?
    All over the “beard” area where you want hair to grow from. That means the neck (just above the Adam’s apple), under the chin, your sideburns, cheeks, mustache, and soul patch area. Some choose to apply just to their weaker spots, for those with patches, and that’s fine as well.
  • How long should I leave minoxidil on my face?
    For about 4 hours is what’s recommended. After that, feel free to rinse or wash your face and apply a moisturizer.
  • When do results starts showing up?
    Seeing as how every person is different, it may be the first two weeks when you notice new vellus hair coming in, or it may be after the first two months. Remain patient and keep applying.
  • Should I trim or shave while using Minoxidil?
    Either is perfectly fine and keeping your hair trimmed helps the minoxidil absorb into your skin better (rather than the hair). With that said, you don’t need to trim or shave at all if you don’t want to. It will not help or hinder the process to have a beard while on minoxidil. Most men opt to trim at the lowest setting until they feel the beard is full enough to start growing out..
  • My face is naturally oily. Will minoxidil still dry out my skin?
    Eventually! Some guys actually get clear, healthy skin for the first few weeks of using minox. But eventually, everyone succumbs to the dryness.
  • Does minoxidil cause acne?
    Not particularly. Some guys break out for the first couple of weeks (a pimple or three), but a lot of men mention clearer skin as a result. Which makes sense, since pimples rarely form on dry skin. Since minoxidil uses alcohol as its carrier, it’s sure to dry out those pimples.
  • I’m X years old. Should I even try minoxidil?
    Some men have mentioned a correlation to younger adults having better results, but that’s purely based off of observation. There are men in their 40s and 50s seeing facial hair gains, as well as those in their 20s. I would not recommend anyone younger than about 21 try this stuff. It’s a drug, it’s not the safest thing in the world. If you’re still developing, take into account that your beard will get fuller with age. Don’t take the risk at such a young age.

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